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Simple maturated cheese

Apuseni is a royal of delicately balanced flavors between salty and sweet. You recognize it by the holes formed in the process of decomposition of lactic acid and glutamic acid, when existing microorganisms produce carbon dioxide that remains trapped in the dense mass of cheese. The sepcific, slightly sweet taste is due to prepionic ferments.

Consumption suggestions: Apuseni is a general purpose cheese, used both for cooking and with other foods or simply as a snack with a mix of nuts and dried fruits. You can enjoy your meals with your elegant aroma for a few days after purchase, if you keep it in the fridge.

Maturated cheese with spices

For us, the craft of cheese is an art, and the cheese matured with spices gives us the chance to paint with colors and flavors that will be a surprise whenever you enjoy them.

Matured for at least three months, our spicy cheeses are based on Trapistul. Then, we add the cumin, so that everyone can enjoy their favorite aroma.

The cheese matured with cumin is delicious and very nutritious and this is because the nutrients from milk are added to those from cumin. Cumin fruits are rich in volatile oils, antioxidants, tanoids, minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc, magnesium, but also vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E and vitamin B complex.

Pressed cheese

Made of healthy mountain cow milk, our pressed cheese respects the Romanian traditional recipe. Once it is dressed in its specific yellowish crust, we smoke it with cold oak smoke. Carefully preserved cold, the pressed cheese will keep its validity for 6 months. Add fresh vegetables or melt it over a dazzling steak and enjoy the result: a healthy and copious meal!

Sour cream

We propose two types of sour cream. The sweet-sour cream with homogeneous, fluid appearance and consistency, white or yellowish white (depending on season), and content of 50% fats.

The authentic taste of the house butter, creamy and sweet, carries us in a second back to childhood: the thick slices of freshly baked bread in the house, smeared with plenty of butter were our reserve of energy for a few extra hours of play.

Today, their memory fills us with joy. With a content of 83% fats exclusively from milk, the butter Torockoi does not contain preservatives or additives.

We produce it by milling the house sour cream Torockoi, the removal of whey and washing it with cold water.


“Cornflower” is a semi-soft cheese, made from whole milk and a crust of noble white, edible mold.
Inside, Cornflower has a white-yellow tint, is soft and slightly shiny. The exterior is covered with a layer of noble edible white mold. The ripening period of the cheese is
about 30 days.

Slightly heated and spread on a slice of toast over which you add some seeds and spices, to taste, it is the simplest and most delicious way to enjoy “Cornflower”. If you like puff pastry, you can wrap it in dough or bake it in mini-pies. It is just as good with fresh or dried fruit, along with a glass of good wine or included on a cheese platter.

Bellows cheese

With its strong, unmistakeable flavour and an even creamy consistency, the Burduf Cheese Torockoi is produced from natural milk pressed cheese 80% and pressed sheep cheese 20% and packed in natural or artificial membranes.

Competing with confidence with the most sophisticated cheeses, the burduf cheese can be the basis of a healthy snack or assorted to a Romanian traditional meal with plenty of different food.

Process cheese with sour cream
Spreadable cheddar cream with onion/cumin
Focșani cream

Spreadable cheddar cheese creams are perfect to spread on bread with eggs, fresh vegetables and raw-dried sausages. You can also add them in a cheese paste, in small bowls, which you can place in the middle of the cheese plate and enjoy them together with various types of salted pastry.

Fresh cow cheese

Thoroughly and dearly cared for and found in the Romanian traditional households, our fresh cheese is a true in-house product. The ingredients which form the soft and delicious lumps are the cow milk and the care of our specialists.

It is produced by a traditional recipe in a specialised room, by a technological process which requires over 48 hours.

Creamy and with a slightly sourish flavour, our cow cheese contains minimum 20% fats and keeps the authentic taste of mountain milk.

Trascău Parmesan

We are happy to pamper you with the unmistakable aromas of Italian cuisine, gathered in a delicious bouquet in Torockoi Parmesan. Over the course of two years of careful maturation, our Tilsit cheese is slowly turning into an explosion of slightly spicy tastes and dense textures.

Use it with confidence when you feel like rich pasta sauces, or added to steaks, salads or as a topping for pizza.

Stinky Trascău

Price / Kilogram: 65 Lei

The price includes VAT

Quantity: 350 – 400 grams

Shelf life: 6 months

Fat: Minimum 48%

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