TILSIT Mature Cheese 200 grams

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Price per piece and includes VAT

Type: semi-hard Swiss cheese

Fat: Minimum 48%

Weight: 200 gr

They can also be sold in bulk at 1 kg / 2 kg / 4 kg / 8 kg

Maturation time: minimum 6 months

Shelf life: 6 months, storage at 2-8 ° C

Packing: pet / p peel pan, inert gas bag pa / pe, unpackaged bulk

Tilsit matured cheese is a semi-hard cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It has a firm, velvety consistency and the color of butter. Due to maturation with brevibacterial cultures, the cheese crust has a slightly reddish color, with a nutty taste.

Drinking tips: Put diced Tilsit in salads, melted in sauces, grated on potatoes or sliced into sandwich or cheeseburger. We recommend that you enjoy it at room temperature. Taste once the strong and harmonious aroma and Tilsit will not be missing from your tables!


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