TRAPIST Mature Cheese 200 grams

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Price per piece and includes VAT

Type: Gouda type semi-hard cheese

Fat: Minimum 48%

Weight: 200 gr

They can also be sold in bulk at 1 kg / 2 kg / 4 kg / 8 kg

Maturation time: minimum 4 months

Shelf life: 6 months, storage at 2-8 ° C

Packing: pet / p peel pan, inert gas bag pa / pe, unpackaged bulk

Trapist cheese is left uncovered and enjoyed in three forms: fresh (after maturing between three and six weeks), matured (for two to four months) and aged (matured for over 12 months). If, in the first form, its taste is neutral, the matured variants are drier and acquire a stronger, spicy taste.

Taste Trapist Cheese and discover the most suitable option for your taste!

Consumption suggestions: Trapist is a cheese that melts easily and is perfect to be used in recipes that require a “elastic” and consistent melted cheese. It is ideal to be consumed with fresh or dried fruit and various varieties of wine and beer.


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