Inspired by the flavours of Trascăului Mountain meadows, the dairies Torockoi are created in Colțești Factory, cared for with skill and heart.

Savour, smell, feel: this what nature looks like in each product which comes out of the gates of Torockoi Factory. The flavours of wild flowers, medicinal plants and the grass of unwalked meadows from the mountains give taste to the dairies Torockoi. A world of quietness, simplicity and freedom.

A business owned with price by a family from Colțești, Alba – who also invested in Conacul Secuiesc, the main tourist attraction of the area.
The dairies Torockoi are organic products, created by the care for responsible use of natural resources, animals and raw material.

The dairy products Torockoi are the result of an experience of 20 years in the production of dairy products, supported by machinery, technological processes and Swiss recipes, but the most important of all, the extraordinary quality of the milk collected from the farms from Trascăului Depression.